Monday, January 18, 2016

How to stop the "lone wolf" assassin

One of the questions during the Democratic Presidential Debate was:
A new ABC News poll shows 77 percent of Americans have little or no confidence in the government's ability to prevent a lone wolf attack.How would you specifically find would-be terrorist who are going undetected?
To be honest, none of the three candidates provided particularly enlightening answers.

BUT - to be fair - there really aren't any good answers... except the obvious:
Turn the U.S. into a Police State.
Do, in fact, confiscate all the guns.
Encourage neighbors to spy on each other.
Monitor ALL our phone calls, our email, our postal mail, our web-surfing.

We are suddenly concerned with the "lone wolf" terrorist, but for years, decades, centuries, we've been fairly complacent about the run-of-the-mill murderer.
If someone wants to kill his wife, her husband, his or her kids, his friend, his neighbor... well, there's just not a whole helluva lot the government can do to stop him or her.

Yeah, it's deplorable... but to my way of thinking, it's preferable to living in a Police State.

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