Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flagrant politicization of a tragedy

Title of post refers to what follows: MY flagrant politicization of a tragedy!

I refer to the Flint, MI, water crisis.
This would be a really good teaching opportunity for Dems.

The tragedy now afflicting Flint, Michigan is a DIRECT result of GOP refusal to acknowledge SCIENTIFIC FACTS!

It is also the result of a non-democratic (little 'd') take-over of a city by the GOP government of Michigan...
... a take-over motivated by $$$, with consequent "solutions" to financial problems based SOLELY on $$$ - with no concern for human health.

Put 'em both together - denial of science + focus on "fiscal responsibility" - and you've got the makings of a GREAT teaching moment ... that unfortunately also involves a great human tragedy.

Yep - this is "politicizing" a human tragedy.
My bad.

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