Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pre-fab ad campaign

... alternative title: "I hope someone is paying attention."

Supposing - not unrealistically - that Mr. Trump is the GOP nominee, the Dem nominee - whether Sanders or Clinton - has a ready-made anti-Trump ad campaign at hand.
All that's needed is to compile quotations around three related themes:
1. The GOP hates Trump.
Today REPUBLICAN foreign-policy gurus published a condemnation of Trump... AND Mr. Romney begged voters to reject Mr. Trump as a phony and a fraud.
This is what his fellow Republicans think of him!

2. Trump has frequently expressed what some might call hateful - others perhaps simply "disrespectful" - language regarding immigrants, Hispanics, Muslims, his fellow candidates, and just about everyone else who has at one time or another snubbed him.
Collect these clips: "The candidate speaks!"

3. As suggested previously, collect clips of Trump joyfully proclaiming his willful ignorance:
"I just don't know..."
"I don't know about... "
There oughta be a LOT to choose from.
Do we really want a President who knows so little about so much?
I'll assume that both Sanders & Clinton have already directed their staffs to start working on these... and that the various PACs supporting each candidate are doing the same.

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