Wednesday, March 16, 2016

What a nice pink rug!

No, Donald Trump Won’t Win
David Brooks, NYT Op-Ed, 4 Dec 2015

A little while ago I went rug shopping. Four rugs were laid out on the floor and among them was one with a pink motif that was dazzlingly beautiful. It was complex and sophisticated. If you had asked me at that moment which rug I wanted, I would have said the pink one. This conviction lasted about five minutes. But then my mentality flipped and I started asking some questions. Would the furniture go with this rug? Would this rug clash with the wall hangings? Would I get tired of its electric vibrancy?

Suddenly a subtler and more prosaic blue rug grabbed center stage. The rugs had not changed, but suddenly I wanted the blue rug. The pink rug had done an excellent job of being eye-popping on its own. The blue rug was doing an excellent job of being a rug I could enjoy living with.
Yeah, so now I'm thinkin' - Hey, that pink rug don't look so bad!

Ya know, well, maybe in a coupla months I'll be tired of it, but right now it looks pretty darn good!

Okay - nah, it don't look too good with the rest of the décor, but it's only for a coupla months - I can live with it... and it looks REALLY COOL!
I can't wait to show it off!!!

The blue rug? - toss it!
I might like it now, but it's BORING!

It's only for a coupla months, right?
I mean, I can go back to the rug store later... that is, IF the pink rug was really a mistake.
... But maybe it's not a mistake - maybe I really WANT the pink rug!

... if I rearranged the furniture just a bit, maybe brought the armoire into the study, moved the desk to the living room,... and replaced those hideous wall-hangings my wife is so darn attached to... YEAH - that'd work!

Go away!
I LIKE the pink rug!!!
I'm gonna keep it!

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