Monday, April 6, 2009


Defense chief to propose weapons cuts
By ANNE GEARAN, AP Military Writer
6 Apr 2009
WASHINGTON – Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Monday recommended halting production of the F-22 fighter jet and scrapping a new helicopter for the president as he outlined deep cuts to many of the military's biggest weapons programs.

Gates said his $534 billion budget proposal represents a "fundamental overhaul" in defense acquisition and reflects a shift in priorities from fighting conventional wars to the newer threats U.S. forces face from insurgents in places such as Afghanistan.

It's about time!

As stated previously, I'd be okay spending tons of $$$ on defense if I thought I was getting value for money!... BUT - I don't.
We spend $600Bn on Defense, and pretty much lost two wars to third-world insurgents!
The Pentagon's addiction to high-tech weapons systems is delusional. - Yeah, we can blow stuff up from across the world... but we can't control territory or populations.
And blowing stuff up hasn't been a particularly effective tactic in the wars we're losing! (It doesn't help that we blow up lots of civilians, thereby antagonizing the populations we'd like to control!)

Gates's cuts seem not nearly enough... but at least it's a start!

Stop the madness!!!

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