Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OK SB 1418, revisited

Regarding post Uh... about Oklahoma bill to "Ban Aborted Fetuses in Food", I pointed folks to comment from TedTheCat, but I think it more appropriate to post the comment in full:
It turns out the bill is not clownish. It is evil.

A cell line called HEK 293 was created 35 years ago using cells from an aborted fetus in the Netherlands. Cells were manipulated and mixed with chemicals. The resulting cells don’t act much like human cells at all, but they are very easy to work with and have become workhorses of cellular biology. That’s why they’re used in many cellular experiments including the development of drugs and vaccines.

A company is using HEK 293 in its experiments searching for artificial sweetners which could replace sugar in soft drinks potentially reducing the incidence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. The bill would ban any product developed though that testing.

The bill would ban not just food but "any other product intended for human consumption." The author of the bill intends for medicine to be included as a "product intended for human consumption" and banned if its creation involved use of the HEK 293 cell line.

Many medicines used today were developed with the use of HEK 293. The bill would ban standard vaccines for chickenpox, rubella and hepatitis A and drugs such as Roche’s Pulmozyme for cystic fibrosis, Amgen‘s Enbrel for rheumatoid arthritis and Merck's Zostavax for shingles. The bill would also ban new drugs being developed for AIDS.

The Pro-Choice crowd in Oklahoma would rather untold people suffer and die needlessly in the future rather than use science developed through the use of cells from one fetus aborted 35 years ago in the Netherlands.
... "it's not clownish. It's evil."

Thank you, TedTheCat!

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