Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sigh: yes, we care... but not Russia

Insight: Syria's Assad set for long conflict
The Syrian regime is not unlike the Lybian regime: "Enlightened Despot Gone Mad". But Russia - 'cuz they've got economic interests in the area - fails to respond.

When a government - ANY government - decides it's best to slaughter its own people, something is wrong.

note: "Englighened Absolutism", as propounded by Frederick the Great, it the PERFECT form of government... but chances are the successor - son, daughter, vizier, prime minister - won't be quite so "enlightened".

... then again, when economic interests are at heart, nothing else really matters. (This is as true of the U.S. as it is of Russia!)

We should, in fact, be praising Russia for pursuing pure, unbridled capitalism!

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