Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Uh... no!

Is this the 'ugliest, nastiest, dirtiest' campaign ever?
Just by way of comparison, see Adams v. Jefferson, 1800. The free press had a hay day! - no one was exempt from malicious libels. It was UGLY!

... American Constitutional democracy has never been particularly pretty.
It just seems to work... sort of...

When I was a kid I learned that America is a 'young' country.
Turns out this just ain't so!
America is one of the oldest surviving Governments in the world!
We somehow manage to muddle through the vitriol, the tangents, the by-ways.

At any given moment I despair... but we've made it this far sort of okay.
(... and, yeah - we could do a LOT better!... oops - does that last sentiment mean I have to leave?)

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