Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Finding a voice

Conyers Tells Bush Iran Attack = Impeachment; Ask Your Representative to Co-Sign
May 8, 2008

Join Me in Calling on President Bush to Respect Congress’ Exclusive Power to Declare War

Dear Democratic Colleague:

As we mark five years of war in Iraq, I have become increasingly concerned that the President may possibly take unilateral, preemptive military action against Iran. During the last seven years, the Bush Administration has exercised unprecedented assertions of Executive Branch power and shown an unparalleled aversion to the checks and balances put in place by the Constitution’s framers. The letter that follows asks President Bush to seek congressional authorization before launching any possible military strike against Iran and affirms Senator Biden’s statement last year that impeachment proceedings should be considered if the President fails to do so.

I hope that you will join me in calling on the President to respect Congress’ exclusive power to declare war. To sign the letter below, please contact the Judiciary Committee staff at 225-3951.


John Conyers, Jr.
Thank you, Congressman Conyers!

If you're so inclined:
John Conyers Jr. for Congress
We need to encourage this behavior!

Now, will W listen?

Regular readers will recall that I'm betting on an attack on Iran, as a response to a "terrorist attack" on the U.S., nominally blamed on Hezbollah... and that, in addition to the attack on Iran, W will find it necessary to impose martial law, cancel the election, and adjourn Congress indefintely (using a very weird but W-plausible reading of the Constitution).

I place "terrorist attack" in quotes to emphasize that in this conspiracy-theory scenario, the true masterminds are Cheney & his allies - using CIA or other instruments to orchestrate the attack. Yes, Hezbollah will be the direct actors, but they'll have been managed by W's cabal.

Yeah, I know: this is the stuff of deeply paranoid delusions.

... but don't say you weren't warned when Halloween brings a spectacular attack on U.S. soil!


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