Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm back... sorta...

Biz trip was exhausting. Training my replacement...

On the bright side: the time flew! My replacement is amazingly capable, and demanded of me very detailed training. The three days were VERY long, but very well spent - I actually got excited about work!

On the less-than-bright side: I've not had time to post!... or even to read the news! [I've somehow found time to work at least one crossword puzzle each day... hotel provided USA Today & Sacramento Bee.]

Flying to Florida tomorrow - VACATION!... Better-half expects house to be in non-embarassing state for house-sitter (nephew). We're now in heavy-duty cleaning mode. I'm taking a break.

Back to the bright side: vacation with friends in Florida ought afford opportunity to at least read the news... and respond appropriately on Al Qaeda in Albuquerque! [note: I chose to spell it out to attract NSA/CIA/FBI.] In the best of all possible worlds: if you read this blog, you are being watched!

... sigh - I think I ought return to kitchen-cleaning duties.


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  1. Glad the training went well, and have a good vacation.