Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I think this is good news

Iraq urges Iran and U.S. to talk
By Waleed Ibrahim and Tim Cocks
Wed May 7, 2008
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's foreign minister urged Iran and the United States on Wednesday to stop trading accusations and sit down for a fourth round of talks to seek solutions to Iraq's security woes.

Will W listen?

A no-pre-conditions sit-down with Iran seems eminently reasonable... hmmm, which Prez candidate is adopting this position?

Bolton on whether Bush might bomb Iran before he leaves office: ‘I think so, definitely.’
Me? I'm betting on the "bomb Iran" scenario... with precursor "Hezbollah" attack on U.S., and follow-up Executive Order to cancel Nov elections.

Yeah, I'm hopelessly paranoid.

My reasoning (such as it is)?:
Let's assume they're not idiots...
There are many follow-up posts developing this Grand Conspiracy Theory. Yes, I know - I'm insane.

Don't forget me when "Hezbollah" attacks us on Halloween.

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