Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meanwhile, back on the economic ranch

Oil jumps over $123 on drop in diesel, heating oil supplies

Not that long ago - January? - I wasn't all that convinced oil would break $100/bbl.

Now we're at $120/bbl.

For a country that runs on fossil fuel this is NOT good news.

Support your local Farmers' Market! (... you might starve otherwise.)

A gentle reminder: VP Cheney somehow managed to convince the Courts that his "energy policy" advisers could not be named publicly.

Ain't it time we confronted the situation head-on?

I drive ~15 miles to work every day. Maybe I oughta seek job closer to home & bike. My home - Albuquerque - does not have wonderful mass transit. I shop at WalMart and local Smith's foodchain. If it costs more to transport item to the store than the item is worth I'll likely have very limited choices.

Ah - the wonders of the "free market"!

If you really like the way the country is headed, vote for McCain!

Stop the madness!

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