Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Meanwhile, on the ground...

Iraq, U.S. move to avert Baghdad water shortage
By Tim Cocks
7 May 2008
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Baghdad's crumbling roads, burst sewage pipes and chronic water shortages are casualties of war that get little attention amid the daily litany of gunfights, bombs and bloodletting in Iraq.

5+ years into this misadventure and we still can't provide Baghdad with basic utilities! "No one could have imagined..."

Repeat: I've nothing against the Iraqi people. I wish them all the best. I truly hope that their country becomes a major tourist attraction - the home of Hammurabi, Babylon, Nineveh, the Assyrians, the Sumerians. They've a rich cultural heritage to exploit. They ought be raking in tourist $$$, as well as oil $$$. They deserve to live in peace and properity.

... BUT: we're not helping.


Stop the madness!

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