Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's assume they weren't idiots!

In reply to post An eloquent description of W's presidency, Woody comments:
Well, except for the 'incompetent' part, I'd agree.

To have screwed the pooch as totally and completely and thoroughly as the Busheviks did couldn't have happened by accident.
This is quite plausible. Republicans believe government is the problem - it is ALWAYS in their best interests to govern accordingly: make it painfully clear that government (aka "Republican governance") is incompetent.

Given the "Busheviks" disdain for real capitalism and infatuation with Big Biz, Woody's observation that...
... Their job was to render inocuous any and all means by which the people could petition for relief from the predations of capitalism, and they have succeeded past their wildest dreams...
seems quite reasonable.

By "real capitalism" I mean a system wherein the market - absent monopolies - truly operates; where competition - not "no bid" contracts - prevails.
[FYI: my personal opinion? - "real capitalism" has never existed - not even when Adam Smith wrote The Wealth of Nations!]

As commenter PM notes:
Monopoly is the name of the game in Mercantilism, not Capitalism.
W: the gift that keeps on giving!

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