Monday, March 9, 2009

One more thing...

A few posts back, in response to Gov. Jindal's Republican reply to President Obama's address before joint session of Congress, I challenged Gov. Jindal to explain just how "tax cuts" were stimulative:
When there's no demand, how does cutting taxes create jobs?
I also presented some arguments against Gov. Jindal's (and the Republicans') position.

Here's one more thing - an additional argument against tax cuts as an economic panacea:
"Personal consumption expenditures" (consumer spending) accounts for 70% of GDP.
Admitting that tax cuts for lower income brackets are likely to be spent immediately - helping drive "personal consumption expenditures" - still: just how do tax cuts for upper brackets, on capital gains, and for businesses provide economic stimulus? - How do they contribute directly to "personal consumption expenditures"???

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