Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blatant self-referencing! [or, AIG (redux)]

A previous post noted a clear disconnect between Wall Street & Main Street:
Wall v. Main: a disconnect
I made a number of brilliant observations in that post, and encourage you to re-read it.

Meanwhile - one more thought:
In what other industry can you simply rest on your laurels... forever?
Even tenured faculty can be fired for gross misconduct or negligence!

I suspect that for most of us, our "bonus" is that we get to keep our jobs!
Yeah - there might be the occasional "Employee of the Month" citation - but that's about it.

Me? I received my company's highest award for technical achievement - about 10 years ago.
I got some stock. That was it.
It didn't even count much on my annual performance review! - and it counted for NOTHING in future years.
"Yeah, but what have you done for us LATELY?" is the performance-review mantra with which I'm familiar...
... and I suspect most folks - certainly everyone that I know - is equally well acquainted with, "Yeah, but what have done for us LATELY?"

The notion that there are irreplaceable geniuses among us is simply WRONG... and, in the business world, TERMINALLY STUPID!

Then again, the "Masters of the Universe" are different from you and me... they have LOTS more $$$, and keep getting a paycheck even when they run their companies into the ground!

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