Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life & Politics

I've had several occasions to mention my former colleague - a fellow statistician and USMC reservist who participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Other than our chosen profession, we have very little in common.
We still manage to correspond semi-regularly, to conduct civil political discussions, and overall to enjoy each other's rare company.

As previous posts have suggested, I'm active in local theater.
Currently I share the limelight with a couple of folks I've known for some time through theater.
In our last show together - which rehearsed during the political campaign & election - I inquired of one of these theatrical colleagues, "Did you vote?"
"Yes", he replied. "Though I don't know why - every one of my candidates lost."
[Every one of my candidates won!]

I've recently discovered that another theatrical colleague married her Sunday School teacher. She was available for "running lines" last Sunday only in the afternoon - she spent the morning, from 9 till noon, in church. [Yes - I sing in a church choir... but I'm the single non-commicant in the choir... and, I suspect, the only non-believer.]

Neither politically nor religiously do I have the least in common with these two.
Yet, somehow, we manage to get along just fine.

Politics and Life are NOT co-extensive... at least for me and most of the people I know.
This is a good thing!

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