Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the interest of regular posting...

I've not even opened the paper!

Mom is in the hospital - the third time this month.
Two minor strokes. Today: blood clots in her legs. She's 91.

Also: the "Gilbert" to my "Sullivan" in Sullivan and Gilbert suffered what we all hope was simply a serious panic attack during tonight's rehearsal. (The alternative being a cardiac event!) Rehearsal went on - one of the directors read Gilbert's lines.
The show opens this Friday at Albuquerque's Adobe Theater.
We learn tomorrow if he'll continue. Paramedics called. Last I heard he was in hospital.

A line from the show:
A great comedy, all around us. And we are the principals.
No - I'd say, rather: a great soap opera all around us! - and, yes, we ARE the principals!!!

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