Monday, March 30, 2009

Still another theatrical post - with any luck, the last! [update]

Messrs. Gilbert and Sullivan: The Latest Converts to Aestheticism
[The Entr'Acte, April, 1881]

I've no idea the website from which I stole this image! - I've looked for it again, without success.
When I feel a bit wealthier, I'll order microfilm reel from The Library of Congress that includes the relevant edition of The Entr'Acte.

In Sullivan & Gilbert, Sullivan & Gilbert sing a duet from Patience, "When I Go Out of Door". - Patience satirizes the Aesthetic Movement.

update: okay - now i know why i can't find the website from which i stole the image! it's not from a website, but from a book!
Gilbert & Sullivan and Their Victorian World.

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