Monday, March 2, 2009

"Is 'what we know now' is that we got caught?"

CIA destroyed nearly 100 interrogation videotapes
By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press
2 Mar 2009
WASHINGTON – The CIA destroyed nearly 100 videotapes of interrogations and other U.S. treatment of terror suspects, far more than previously acknowledged, the Obama administration said Monday as it began disclosing details of post-Sept. 11 Bush-era actions.

Recall - at some point the CIA was ordered by a Federal court to NOT destroy interrogation tapes.
A quick read of the cited article did not reveal whether CIA destroyed tapes before or after the court order was issued.

For some reason, this revelation recalls a reported exchange at an Enron managers' meeting:
Lay tried to reassure the managers.

"Well, we don't think we did anything wrong, but knowing what we do now, we would never do it again," Lay said, according to Robert J. Hermann, then Enron's general tax counsel.

Hermann had everything invested in Enron: his professional pride, his network of golfing buddies and his retirement savings, worth more than $ 10 million before Enron stock began to tumble.

Hermann raised his hand and said: "Ken, there is a big disconnect. How can you say we didn't do anything wrong, but would never do it again? Is 'what we know now' is that we got caught?"

[Document Title: Enron is Metatheatre by David M. Boje; emphasis added]
Note: the citation, "METATHEATRE theory by David M. Boje, Ph.D.", looks like an interesting website - I hit it just to grab the quoted exchange.

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