Friday, March 6, 2009


Yes - this a post about choreography!

As stated previously, I'm currently in rehearsal for a show.
(Sullivan and Gilbert, at the Adobe Theater; opening 27 March.)

I've one song in the show - a duet.
Tonight, my partner & I "learned" the choreography for the song.

In most shows that include the expectation of dancing, a "dance audition" is required. Several years ago I broke down and took "modern dance for adults"... for about a year. No - I didn't hope to become a dancer; I just wanted to get through the dance audition with some semblance of competence.
(Most audition forms ask if you've taken dance classes - I can now truthfully answer, "Yes."
Some forms then ask, "Do you move well?" - to which I am compelled to answer, "No!")

During dance auditions for a show last fall, midway through "learning" the dance, I shouted out to the choreographer:
"I've a very limited memory for dance moves.
You've now exhausted it!"
I was cast in a non-dancing role.

... and now, some five hours after dancing through the choreography for the duet, I'm sore!


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