Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where's Jeffrey Skilling when we need him?

"I don't think he has a non-strategic bone in his body," Lay said of Skilling.
[THE FALL OF ENRON: Warnings, "Dream Job Turns Into a Nightmare", Washington Post, Monday, July 29, 2002]

I'm still waiting to see Geithner's grand strategy... as opposed to a recitation of programs.

For that matter, I'm still waiting to see the new strategy for Afghanistan - tho' maybe the new guy (Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal) will roll out something in the next few weeks.

Still... it IS discouraging to see so little that resembles strategy being developed and communicated, in either our current domestic economic mess, or in the foreign policy & defense arena. I've not even heard Geithner state a clear objective: what, exactly, are the various programs intended to achieve?... other than keeping the banks happy?


Maybe it's time to consider commuting Skilling's 24-year sentence, on the condition that he apply his mastery of business strategy for the benefit of his country, at slightly more than minimum wage. Geithner can use the help.

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