Tuesday, May 19, 2009

You read it here first! (or, "Yes, I'm psychic!")

From Mike Lux over at HuffPost today:
"... To conservatives like [Representative Steve] King [(R-IUA)], today and throughout American history, progressive ideas have always been derided as socialism. It's what conservatives said about ending slavery, child labor laws, food safety, environmental legislation, Social Security, minimum wage, and virtually every other advance in American history.
If that sounds vaguely familiar, this may refresh your memory:
Who's to blame?... for
child-labor laws?
the Pure Food & Drug Act?
the 40-hr, 5-day work-week?
women's suffrage?
the Civil Rights Movement?
Pinko, commie, muckraking liberals and progressives! - that's who... including socialist, God-hating labor unions!!!

["Liberal" vs "Conservative", PrivateBuffoon, 31 March 2009]
Again: for an early take on what the professional pundits will be discussing next week, read Private Buffoon today!

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