Tuesday, August 4, 2009

... and if I'd produced the ad...

... I'd have focused more on "the party of NO!".

The bits of video coverage I've seen of Dem 'town-halls' being overtaken by screaming mobs have almost all ended with a chant:
Just say NO!
I'd take these "Just say NO!" video clips & segue into brief litany:
The U.S. faces its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
Every Republican Congressman said "NO" to the economic stimulus package.

Every day, Americans are losing their homes and going into bankruptcy as a result of crippling medical bills.
Republican Senators are poised to vote "NO" on health insurance reform.

Judge Sotomayor is the most experienced nominee to the Supreme Court in more than a quarter century. She was named to the Federal Appeals Court by Republican President George H.W. Bush. She will be the first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice.
Again, Republican Senators are poised to vote "NO" on her confirmation.
The Republican Party has NO ideas. Republicans are the party of "NO!"

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