Monday, August 17, 2009

When we small-time progressives start to notice...

... well, it's not a happy realization.

From One Fly:
All BS From The Beginning

You all know by now that it appears any type of health insurance that was going to compete against the big boys is off the table at the White House.

No use going on even a little bit except to say-from the very beginning this was never fucking ever going to happen. It just was not going to be allowed.

The powerful have more or less complete control over our elected officials in DC. Our vote means squat. We are so screwed!

The picture at the top spends another day in respect for this lovely young lady and her message that is ever so very true but is for naught.
Not exactly sure what to do. My only semi-constructive idea is to scream louder & more frequently - tho' for me 'screaming' is metaphorical: I write letters & send emails.

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  1. Frankly Russ we lost this some time ago but I just keep trying. Politicians in DC are zombie like.