Monday, August 17, 2009

My email to President Obama

Dear President Obama:
If you want to serve a second term - or even if you just want to have a successful first term - you may want to reconsider your willingness to 'compromise' with the loyal opposition. Such willingness so early in your first term will only be construed by the loyal opposition as weakness.

Simple advice to help your pursuit of bipartisanship: stand firm today. Let the loyal opposition know that they cannot cow you. Later on, they will realize that it is THEY who must compromise.

Let your role-model be LBJ - he who knew how to twist a few arms!

Again, if you stand firm today, you'll be much more likely to gain the bipartisan support you desire next year and the year after. If you cave today - so early in your first term - you only signal weakness. House & Senate Republicans and Blue Dogs will eat you alive!


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