Monday, August 17, 2009

The big story that isn't

With all the hoopla surrounding health care reform and teabaggers, economic/financial news seems to have slipped under MSM's radar.

There've been at least a few what would otherwise be big stories slip by in the past few months. The two that come to mind immediately are:
Income inequality at all-time high

Wall Street back on bonus binge
Neither one of these is getting the attention it deserves.

Fellow blogger Woody notes the same in comments:
Although it seems to me there a lot of heat and not much light around this issue [healthcare reform], which leads me to b elieve it's mostly a distraction, to focus on things NOT including the continued wholesale looting of the treasury by bernanke and Goldman Sachs...
Yep - does seem that way.

... and again:
Stop the madness!

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