Sunday, August 16, 2009

I just got a Facebook invite...

... to join the group "I SUPPORT OBAMA ON HEALTH CARE!!!"

I sent a note to the person who invited me, explaining that I'll NOT join such a group so long as I keep seeing headlines like this one:
If the final bill does NOT include public option, then I'll urge my Congressman and Senators to vote AGAINST it!

During W's final two years, I got really tired of seeing headlines like, "Dems cave to W". There were lots of 'em - even tho' Dems controlled Congress.

Now that Dems are a solid majority in the House, a decent majority in the Senate, and our Dem President was elected based at least in part on his progressive promises, I'm REALLY TICKED to keep seeing, "Dems cave to Republicans" headlines.

Folks, the Republicans are NOT going to vote for the health care reform bill NO MATTER WHAT CONCESSIONS you make!!!
Give it up!
Push through a GOOD BILL! - not one watered down to appease Republicans who WILL NOT BE APPEASED!

Been a long time since I've used this line, but it seems appropriate under current circumstances:

Stop the madness!


  1. Well said Russ. I'm so pissed at these dims. Went to Grand Junction on Saturday. Did you see what I put up?

  2. Yup...

    Although it seems to me there a lot of heat and not much light around this issue, which leads me to b elieve it's mostly a distraction, to focus on things NOT including the continued wholesale looting of the treasury by bernanke and Goldman Sachs...

  3. Howard Dean is putting up a squawk. We're resorted to a president that only pays attention to whoever is throwing the biggest temper tantrum. Verily I do agree, time to stop the madness.