Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I were in charge of advertising...

... for the DNC, I'd run a spot a long these lines:
Do you like Social Security?
- So do we! We're the Democrats who brought you Social Security in 1935 under FDR... over the strenuous objections of Senate & House Republicans!
Oh - and for what it's worth:
Social Security is run by the United States Government!
George Bush and Congressional Republicans wanted to kill Social Security in 2005!

Do you like Medicare?
- So do we! We're the Democrats who brought you Medicare in 1965 under LBJ... over the strenuous objections of the Senate and House Republicans!
Oh - and, for what it's worth:
Medicare is a social insurance program administered by the United States government
Today, Senate and House Republicans are again up in arms against Democrats for suggesting that it is the right of every American citizen to have access to affordable, high-quality, timely healthcare.

You like Social Security and Medicare.
You'll like the Democratic Health Care bill!
Of course, I'm not in charge of the DNC's advertising.

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