Thursday, December 24, 2009

Common ground?

A few posts back I supported Well-armed Lamb's call for a nation-wide general strike.

Seems this may be an opportunity to find common ground with the Tea Party crowd (and take advantage of their organizational skills!).
From TPM:
Tea Partiers' Next Target: American Business?
... The Tea Party Patriots group is planning a "National Day of Strike" for Jan. 20, one year to the day after President Obama's inauguration. The goal of the strike, according to the website where it's being planned, is to "financially cripple" the companies across America the group says are "backing the leftist agenda" and "funding socialism."
Tho' I'm not sure just why the Tea Partiers want to bring down the U.S. economy, I nevertheless support the idea of a nation-wide "day of prayer and fasting" (i.e., a general strike). We can let them plan it, then co-opt the message! (Heck! To the extent that the Tea Partiers anti-biz message could be modified to highlight the failures of Obama's economic team, I'd even be okay with letting the Tea Partiers own at least part of the message!)

As The Well-Armed Lamb states:
"... let's organize a nation-wide general STRIKE. There is no other act available to a civic population to bring about the halt to objectionable State policies and practices."

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