Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My USMC reservist bud is off to Afghanistan

Just about the same time Obama was addressing the crowd at West Point, my former colleague & USMC reservist bud was boarding a plane bound for Kuwait - the way-station on the way to Afghanistan, where he will be "liaison officer from the Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned to Regimental Combat Team 7, the Marine Corps’ main ground combat element in Afghanistan." [for info, see 7th Marine Regiment (United States)]

A comment from his first weekly report:
Interestingly, the flight will be boarding during the president’s speech, so whatever his new policy is, I may be the first either to enforce or violate it.
I anticipate regular "updates from the front" from this fellow - if any contain gems of wisdom or military humor worth sharing, I'll post 'em here!

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