Saturday, December 19, 2009

National day of prayer & fasting

Well-armed Lamb suggests a general strike:
If you wanna change things, we need to organize, and organize around a specific act. So let's organize a nation-wide general STRIKE. There is no other act available to a civic population to bring about the halt to objectionable State policies and practices.

That is, for 24 hours, nothing moves, except vital emergency/life-saving equipment. The disaffected populace then uses the ensuing chaos to leverage our/its democratic demands.
PrivateBuffoon hereby goes on record in support of this proposal.

So: any ideas how to promote this call-to-action?

aside: from the movie Gandhi:
GANDHI: The law is due to take effect from April sixth.
I want to call on the nation to make that a day of prayer and fasting.
JINNAH: You mean a general strike?

GANDHI: I mean a day of prayer and fasting.
But of course no work could be done - no buses, no trains, no factories, no administration. The country would stop.


  1. when was this national day? what year?

  2. when was this national day? what year?

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