Thursday, December 17, 2009

my letter to Senator Tom Udall

Senator Tom Udall
110 Hart Senate Office Bldg
Washington, DC 20510

Senator Udall:

As stated previously, your seniors in the Senate are failing you – and the country. Sen. Lieberman (I-CT) has proven time and again that he cannot be trusted, yet the Democratic Senate leadership continues to “deal” with him. Why?

Q: What has been the effect of Senator Reid’s caving to Senator Lieberman?
A: Others in your caucus - e.g., Sen. Nelson - feel free to march to a different drummer with no fear of repercussions!

The public - the folks who voted in a solidly Democratic Congress – are FOR a radical overhaul of the healthcare system – at least to the extent that a bona fide, robust 'public option' constitutes a 'radical overhaul'.

Please – take the lead! – organize your fellow freshmen Democratic Senators (including the class of ’06… and maybe the class of ’04). Present a united front demanding Senator Lieberman’s expulsion from your caucus, and his removal from positions of leadership within the Senate.
Make it clear that failure to support genuine reform will not be tolerated.

You may lose the battle – but if you stick to your guns, the war could be yours!

Why do I keep flagellating myself?

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