Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fringe politics

The Tea Party crowd seem to be taking over the GOP... and generating much enthusiasm, which could well translate into electoral success in 2010.

How 'bout the left fringe of the Democratic Party - we so-called, and self-identified Progressives - try something similar? Stage rallies, get VOCAL... No - not with intent to take over the Dem Party (tho' this might not be a bad thing), but to give the so-called, self-identified "Independents" a choice, and maybe generate some enthusiasm for 2010 mid-terms.

As it stands there seems to be no Democratic consensus, on anything. We're all too rational, too cerebral to get excited. Obama's policies - even his rhetoric - do not inspire a repeat of 2008.
To counter the strident voices of the wing-nut Right requires a vocal alternative.
Many of us are trying... but we are too polite, and too disinterested. We've conceded, accepting that our voices are too quiet to matter.

My preference? Mimic the Tea Party crowd's very vocal insanity with our own! - Yes, we will seem unduly strident, but shrill stridency is required!

Please, loyal readers, lift up your voices!
- Sing a song!

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