Monday, December 14, 2009

time for more letters?

Huff Post: Second source confirms Rahm personally pressed Reid to cut deal with Lieberman

Seems WH has denied pressuing Reid to reach a deal with Lieberman, and that denial is looking shakier by the minute.

But: a deal with Lieberman???
The only deal I'd like to see would have terms something like...
Step 1:
- a) Lieberman stripped of his Committee Chairmanship immediately
- b) Lieberman kicked out of Dem caucus immediately
Step 2:
- a) Dems promise to consider re-admitting Joe IF he henceforth and forevermore supports any and all Dem proposals on healthcare... up to and including final vote on final bill
- b) IF Joe lives up to his end of the bargain, THEN Dems re-admit him to their caucus.
Step 3: Kiss that chairmanship good-bye, Joe... Unless and until you prove yourself a loyal Dem over the next 12 months - supporting, vocally and vociferously, any and all Dem initiatives.
Maybe when 112th Congress is seated your chairmanship will be reconsidered... Maybe... IF you behave yourself in the meantime.

If healthcare reform fails for lack of 60 votes, Reid, DSCC, and DNC make it their over-riding objective to let the country know that Joe Lieberman (I-CT) is the single person responsible for the failure.

Bye-bye, Joe.

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  1. Harry Reid should 1) remove Lieberwhore from his Committee chair, 2) cut his staff to zero, 3) change the Dem official IT password and leave Lieberwhore out of the loop, and 4) move his office to a latrine in the congressional garage.

    I left off "Jelly his kneecaps with a 3-lb maul," because for some reason some folk regard that as instigating "violence."