Sunday, June 27, 2010

i was sorta hopin' for something different...

... ya know, when W was no longer with us.


Gitmo is still open (I guess we'll get around to closing it in 50 years or so, when all the detainees have died).
For reasons completely beyond my comprehension, suddenly our Senators are worried about the deficit - this after applauding W's tax cuts & exuberance launching two unfunded wars.
... (and Obama's economic team seems perfectly happy with this - at least, no one's taking an opposing message to the people.)
With Petraeus now "in charge" in Afghanistan it seems a good bet that we'll be there till Gitmo closes (see above).
The "loyal" opposition are more than happy to oppose ANY policy pursued by this administration... Hey - this could be used to advantage: maybe Obama should propose cutting taxes, going to war, increasing our defense budget, killing Social Security and rewarding the wizards of Wall Street for their abject failures!

... anyway - every day just brings more depressing headlines.
It's getting hard to find the energy to comment on even one or two stories... or to know which of the depressing stories might be worth the effort.

again: sigh.

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  1. I'm getting tired of reading the same headlines and don't feel like saying the same things I've said before about them.