Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A toughie: who to cheer for?

ASU played South Carolina today in the College World Series.
An elimination game - loser goes home.

Who to cheer for: S. Carolina with that state's bizarre politics & politicians, or ASU with THAT state's bizarre politics & anti-immigrant craziness?

I went with S. Carolina... pretty much following my previous advice to cheer for whoever is playing the Arizona team.
ASU bounced: ASU 4, S. Carolina 11.

The curse of SB1070 continues!


  1. You knew I'd bite if you dangled that bait! ASU is really an incredible school; some of the best research in social psychology, psychology, and anthropology, When we lived in Mesa, I applied for a PhD program there in psychology; the Air Force had other plans for our family, but I was really looking forward to claiming ASU as my grad alma mater. You just can't judge a school by its team nor a state by its school.
    P.S. I wouldn't bet on SC in a cock fight!!!

  2. ... yeah, ASU has a good stat & industrial engineering program too.
    BUT: as stated previously, I'm cheering for whoever plays against any AZ team for now.