Monday, June 21, 2010

Surpassing human understanding

McConnell fires back at Rahm
"Two months of delays and bureaucratic red tape have done nothing to solve this crisis - but they've done a lot to discredit the kind of big-government solutions that Democrats continue to promote."
- Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

Forgive me: I just don't get it.
Lax government oversight of Big Oil, a Dept. of Interior RUN by Big Oil, a Minerals Management Services partying with Big Oil - THIS is a cause of the current BP disaster in the Gulf.
REPUBLICAN policies!!!
... in fact, a REPUBLICAN wet dream! - Let Big Oil regulate itself!

Now they're claiming this is a failure of Big Government???

Let us be perfectly clear:
- The GOP brought us de-regulation of the financial sector.
Result? The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.
- The GOP brought us de facto deregulation of Big Oil.
Result? The worst MAN-MADE environmental disaster in our history.

The mess we find ourselves in today can be traced DIRECTLY to GOP policies over the past 20 years.
... oh, and by the way: every aspect of the mess can be traced DIRECTLY to the GOP's call for "small government", deregulation, and pure unbridled capitalism!!!

This message needs to be hammered home by EVERY Dem, all the time.

Stop the madness!!!

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  1. There is a shared mentality here. In the classroom there would be student talking. I would ask them to be quiet or stop talking and they would look at me all innocent and say, "I wasn't talking."
    As if by saying they weren't negated the fact that they were.
    Republicans do anything they want and when it goes wrong either blame someone else or deny they had anything to do with it.