Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sure wish i could find a transcript!

Today's Senate Judiciary Committee questioning of Supreme Court nominee Kagan showed the conservative mind at work... but I can't find a transcript!

The gist:
Sen. Sessions (R-AL): "Why'd you restrict military recruiting at Harvard Law School?"

Kagan (the nominee): "I didn't. In fact, military recruiting went UP during my tenure as Dean."

Sessions: "That's not true. I know it's not true. ... and you citing the facts is impertinent!"

Okay - that bit about "you citing the facts" is not quite accurate... but it captures Sessions' reply: "I know better: no matter the facts, I'm sure that you restricted military recruiting!"
(Okay - that, too, is paraphrased... when I get a transcript I'll show you what was actually said... my paraphrases aren't all that inaccurate.)
Basically: Sessions denied Kagan's testimony, and took offense at her "tone" (whatever the hell that means - she was, in fact, very level-spoken throughout).

Yep - if you're a conservative, the facts really don't matter.
You simply KNOW the truth.

Stop the madness!

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