Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Sgt. Schultz defense: "I know NOTHING!"

BP chief says he wasn't in loop, enraging Congress
By CALVIN WOODWARD and FREDERIC J. FROMMER, Associated Press Writers
17 June 2010
WASHINGTON – Channeling the nation's anger, lawmakers pilloried BP's boss in a withering day of judgment Thursday for the oil company at the center of the Gulf calamity. Unflinching, BP chief executive Tony Hayward said he was out of the loop on decisions at the well and coolly asserted, "I'm not stonewalling."
For what it's worth: I don't doubt that Hayward was "out of the loop" - he's the CEO, having little to do with day-to-day operational decisions.
BUT: he claims a very large salary for BP's success.
Why can't he own up to BP's failures?

Yep - he's in the same privileged class as all other CEOs - BofA, Goldman-Sachs, Citi... they're more than happy to take the $$$ for success, but less than willing to pay the price for failure.
All of 'em.

They're just different from you and me.
They're rich.
We're "the small people".

Class warfare? Sure - why not? - we (the "We" in "We the People") are being screwed by our corporate masters... with the open support of OUR elected representatives!

Stop the madness!

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  1. That whole Congressional Q&No-A drove me right around the bend! Of course, as CEO, he didn't make the technical decisions, but he just LOOKS like such an asshole mumbling through his legalisms. What was really instructive was watching the congresspersons; I spotted a couple of folks I think are superb...women, as it turns out, but that's another post.