Wednesday, June 30, 2010

just for fun

Spy suspects had interests in science, finance
I note that this Russian espionage ring operated freely during W's tenure, and was exposed during Obama's.

Tell me again: which party has stronger "national defense" cred?


  1. Excellent point. The Republicans have been skating by on an unearned reputation for being good at National Defense for far too long.

    Not that I imagine anyone cares, but I've written in the past on my blog about how Republicans are overrated and Democrats--particularly Obama--are underrated when it comes to this:

    And yes, I hate it when people link to their blogs in the comments. So I'll understand if you delete this.

  2. heck - directing my readers to someone who writes better than i seems like a good idea!

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  4. You're waaayy too modest. My posts are long and rambling; yours are concise and readable. But thanks.

    With regard to the issue at hand, I thought I should add that one of the most awful things about politics is that, given how people's minds work, they will associate "Russian spies" with Obama, not Bush, simply because, ironically, it was on Obama's watch that they were exposed.

    (A certain "news" network will push this idea, I'm sure.)

    That's a long of way saying "thanks" for pointing out the truth of the matter.

    (Deleted earlier version of this comment with
    a serious typo in it. How good is my writing now?)

  5. The Republicans seem to be able to blame just about anything on the Dems and get away with it. Thanks MSM!