Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just another gentle reminder...

During yesterday's grilling of Supreme Court nominee Kagan, the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee went out of their way to make it perfectly clear that Thurgood Marshall was a BAD MAN... and an even worse Justice:
"She clerked for Judge Mikva and Justice Marshall, each a well-known liberal activist judge."
[- Jeff Sessions (R-AL)]

“Ms. Kagan identified Thurgood Marshall as another of her legal ‘heroes.’ Justice Marshall is a historic figure in many respects, and it is not surprising that, as one of his clerks, she held him in the highest regard. Justice Marshall’s judicial philosophy, however, was not what I would consider mainstream. ... "
[Jon Kyl (R-AZ)]
Just to remind folks: Thurgood Marshall argued Brown v Board of Education before the Supreme Court in 1954... and he was the first black (African-American) justice on the Court.
Trashing Thurgood Marshall does NOT seem like the best strategy for the GOP to pursue in opposing Kagan.
(... of course, the GOP thinks the unemployed are drug-addicted derelicts who deserve to starve!)

... and, oh yeah: the current Senate GOP leadership would just be tickled pink to be living back in the '50s of the last century, when Blacks weren't so uppity!
That whole Civil Rights thing? - a big mistake! - look what it led to: a BLACK MAN in the White House!... "Separate but Equal" was a CORRECT decision!

... any chance the DNC is listening???

Stop the madness!


  1. I fear they are beyond shame and beyond reason, but (to borrow some Midwestern Humor), at least now they are more self-righteously armed.