Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Pulling a 'Bulworth'": a public service

Tonight on CNN's Hardball with Chris Matthews, MSNBC political analyst Chuck Todd wondered if the Republican candidates "were pulling a 'Bulworth'".

For those of you as ignorant of popular culture as I, here's the reference:
Bulworth: 1998 film starring Warren Beatty & Halle Berry

Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia's plot summary:
"... A veteran Senate Democrat, Bulworth is losing his bid for re-election to a fiery young opponent.
Tired with the state of affairs and politics in general, he then contracts to have himself assassinated within two days' time. Here, Bulworth takes a major turn, politically and personally. Knowing his time left on earth is short, he begins speaking his mind freely at public events and in the presence of the C-SPAN film crew following his campaign. His frank, potentially offensive remarks make him an instant media darling and re-energize his campaign.

[Wikipedia entry, >Bulworth]
I'm guessing that Chuck Todd's reference was to the highlighted section above... perhaps also suggesting that the Republican candidates were both "tired with the state of affairs and politics in general".
(I'm guessing, again, that Chuck Todd was NOT suggesting that either Sen. McCain or Gov. Palin was planning to have him or herself assassinated!)

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