Monday, October 27, 2008

Why are they so afraid???

Why are they so afraid?
The Republican Party of Pennsylvania sends email to Jewish voters insinuating that an Obama victory would lead to another Kristallnacht.

McCain's Pennsylvania campaign jumps on & hypes the soon-to-be-revealed-as-hoax story of scary black man assaulting a College Republican McCain volunteer.

Gov. Palin insinuates that Obama is a terrorist.

More recently, Gov. Palin insinuates that Obama is a Marxist in the Stalinist mold.

William Kristol has devoted at least two of his NYT Op-Ed columns to, "What McCain needs to do to win".

Gen. Powell reveals that senior Republicans continue to identify Obama as a Muslim.

Rush Limbaugh continues to peddle the "scary black man" story - not about the hoax, but about Obama himself.

Fox News continues to air all calumnies indiscriminately: Obama's a Commie, a Socialist, a Muslim, a terrorist.
What is it about the prospect of an Obama Presidency that terrifies these folks?

Yes - I understand that the point of a political campaign is to win the election... BUT: the rhetoric on the McCain/Republican side is so over-the-top, and so disconnected from reality, that it begs this question:
What is it that scares them so much?
Why is Obama so terrifying to them?
I don't know the answer.

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