Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I wish others would ask this question.

If John McCain can't control Palin now, what's going to happen if he becomes president?

Unfortunately, this question was raised on the progressive blog, AMERICAblog, read only by us fellow-travelers.

Why aren't the prominent talking heads on cable asking this question?

I alluded to this in an earlier post:
In an appearance on The Colbert Report, David Gergen suggested that,
"The months of the campaign are your first governing months."
This was picked up by Anderson Cooper on AC360. The ensuing discussion missed what is to me the obvious point:
McCain is unable or unwilling to control his campaign.
If this is a harbinger of his governing style, it foretells an interesting McCain presidency!
Somehow this point was lost on "the best political team on television".
This point still strikes me as embarrassingly obvious. Why have the talking heads not picked up on it?

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  1. Wouldn't you like to make the big bucks those talking heads make to not ask those questions.