Friday, October 31, 2008

... but we got a (1) bad guy!

Recall, on Sunday, 26 Oct, U.S. Special Forces launched a raid inside Syria, ostensibly to get a bad guy (one! bad guy).
U.S. authorities claim that we did, in fact, get the bad guy.

Now the fallout:
Syria orders US school, cultural center closed
... okay, no big deal - the Syrians close some U.S. offices.

Syrian protests lead U.S. Embassy to close
... do we really need an embassy in Syria?

Syria suspends Iraq security talks
DAMASCUS, Syria, Oct. 31 (UPI) -- Syria severed communications with Iraq, suspending bilateral security meetings and has cut back on its border troops, officials said.

Baghdad condemns 'US Syria raid'
Iraq has denounced a raid into Syria at the weekend, saying it does not want its territory to be used as a launch-pad for US attacks on its neighbours.
[This at a time we're desperately trying to negotiate a SOFA with our reluctant Iraqi partners!]
Gee, I sure hope that ONE BAD GUY was worth it!

Stop the madness!!!

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