Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let's talk some more about wealth redistribution

From that Pinko rag, The Wall Street Journal:
Income-Inequality Gap Widens
Boom in Financial Markets Parallels Rise in Share For Wealthiest Americans
12 Oct 2007
... The wealthiest 1% of Americans earned 21.2% of all income in 2005, according to new data from the Internal Revenue Service. That is up sharply from 19% in 2004, and surpasses the previous high of 20.8% set in 2000, at the peak of the previous bull market in stocks.

The bottom 50% earned 12.8% of all income, down from 13.4% in 2004 and a bit less than their 13% share in 2000.

[note: the date is correct - the article is a year old... I'm not sure Murdoch's WSJ would countenance such left-wing reporting!]
Yes, Senator McCain, let us talk about the redistribution of wealth in America!

Stop the madness!!!

p.s. The WSJ article cited above was linked from a post over at DailyKos: Wall Street. Main Street. Why No Mention of Side Streets and Alleys? .
Warning: there are, like, real statistics in the DailyKos post! - stuff like "Gini coefficients", and graphs... just to warn you.

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