Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Long ago, in the dim mists of time, I was a statistics instructor at a large mid-western university.

One summer I taught a graduate stat class.
This was in 1988.
One of my students had paid to watch the Tyson-Spinks bout - a much-hyped contest. The pay-per-view charge was not cheap - too much for my modest means.

Noting the 1st round KO reported during the nightly news, I asked the student, "Was it worth it?"
"To see such an exhibition of power? YES!"

Last night on ESPN I finally got to see what he meant.
The ESPN "Boxing Classics" series featured that 1988 Tyson-Spinks bout.
It was over almost before it began.

I'm glad I didn't spend hard $$$ to see it "live" 20 years ago!

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