Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Okay, now what do I do?

At the post-election party last night - the smaller one, with just the Heinrich crowd - I asked several members of the campaign staff what they'd be doing now that the election was over. All had no clear plans beyond, "taking a couple of weeks off".

It then occurred to me that I could ask that same question of myself. What will I do now that the campaign is over?
One staffer provided short-term relief: I've been guaranteed meaningful post-campaign work for at least two weeks. (Apparently this topic had come up in conversation at campaign HQ. They'd decided that it'd be good for me & another volunteer to hang around for a while longer.)
Yeah... but then what? I've at least 2 weeks to answer that!

[Pointless aside: one of my correspondents, and a sometime-reader of AQA, has suggested that I re-enlist in the Army:
"I keep telling you: reenlist. If the age limit hasn’t reached you yet, it will soon. You’ve had a qualifying haircut several times in the past few years. Doug Feith is unlikely to return to the Pentagon. Obama has promised some civilian version of the Army that I don’t really understand. There must be some opportunities."
I've referenced this correspondent previously, both as member of USMC Reserves, and as one of the most conservative people I know. We've had a running joke about me re-enlisting - particularly in the first few years of the Iraq fiasco, when the military was continually upping the age-limit for prior-service folks to re-up; I repeatedly joked that I half-expected to get a letter informing me that I'd been re-activated.]

Anyway... I don't have to think about re-enlisting in the Army for at least another couple of weeks!

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