Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I lied (not a first)

Two hours of phone calls was all I could handle.
(Tho' these were - as the campaign staff had assured me - the easiest calls possible: "Have you voted?" (Yes/No). If 'no': "Please vote... here's your polling place.")

I'm taking a break from GOTV.

Meanwhile: I may be in trouble... Gov Palin did two (2) things today that I applaud:
1. From Think Progress
Palin Goes Rogue, Ignores Press Aides’ Exhortations To End Press Conference
2. [from the same post]
... Palin was asked during the press conference whether she voted for Sen. Ted Stevens. “I am also exercising my right to privacy and I don’t have to tell anyone who I voted for, nobody does, and that’s really cool about America, also,” she said.
She got that right! My vote "ain't nobody's business but my own".
Have a nice day...

And VOTE!!!

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